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Ok, here goes.

I have a Stadium acoustic guitar. Got it about two years ago. Practiced for awhile, found it difficult. Lost interest. Its collected dust for the last 18 months.

I'm now, probably due to the cold/snowy weather, getting the fever again. I've read where learning on an electric is a little easier than learning on an acoustic.

So, I thought I would find me a lesser expensive electric to once again try and learn to play on. No amp at this time. That's why I have the thread on playing without an amp. I want to be sure I keep the interest. I think an electric might help me keep that interest more so than the acoustic did.

Budget? Hopefully I could find a decent beginning electric for $200 or less.

Influences? Not really any. If I had to pick someone it would be the Guitar Player episode of the Andy Griffith show. That's why I posted the other thread about this.

Type I would like to play if I ever got good enough? No hard rock or heavy metal. Mostly classic, or oldies rock, maybe some Johnny Cash type songs.


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