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Hey everyone, after doing a bit more research, it seems like the Casextreme design was really meant to “float” a traditional plywood hard case to reduce impact to the guitar when in motion (like airline travel). Although it can also hold a padded gig bag like my Monocase Vertigo, it wasn’t really meant for it as the gig bag already provides the impact relief with its padding. The only thing the gig bag lacks is the rigidity and crush prevention from a hard case.

Would like to get your thoughts please: I found the Gator ABS plastic dread size case, and after removing the inner foam molded for a dread sized guitar to just have the ABS shell, it can fit my Monocase Vertigo bag. My thoughts are that this setup (Monocase Vertigo inside the Gator ABS shell) would actually provide the following:

1. Impact resistance from the padding in the Monocase Vertigo
2. Crush resistance from Gator ABS shell
3. Locking features of the Gator case locks
4. The convenience of using my gig bag (instead of a hard case)to shows on-location when flying to play a show.
5. It is not as bulky as the Casextreme

Do you all see any issues I’m not seeing with this setup?
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