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Default Elusive new Córdoba C5

I was perusing the Córdoba web site a couple weeks ago and noticed they now have a C5 Limited. It is a standard C5 model, but they used a flamed mahogany for the back and sides laminations. The site says for a limited time and in the note below the description it says only available through select dealers. I love the C5 as I see it as a great value in an entry level classical guitar. The added aesthetic from the flamed mahogany sort of turned my head away from my thoughts of the C7 model (not a huge fan of rosewood from an aesthetic viewpoint) and I would really like to get my hands on this new model. My local dealer finally learned they cannot get this guitar. I inquired via phone call to Córdoba today and found there are no dealers within several hours of me that can get this guitar. The two dealers they noted do not show this model in their Córdoba listings and neither appear to do much mail order type business outside of Reverb.. why would a maker make it so difficult to buy a new guitar??? I do apologize for my long rant. I am having a bit of a time understanding the business model for this new guitar offering.
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