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Default Dave's compact PA system adventures...

For those interested, the MLS800 has (6) 2.75" drivers in the array. They are angled 30 degrees off the center axis. This should, in theory, give you something close to 150 degrees coverage. No idea if that's true. My rec room isn't big enough to test.

Also the x-over point is 200Hz for the sub and 180Hz for the array. So there is a 20Hz overlap that could, according to Cuki's theory, be out of phase up close. If so, I haven't noticed in my reasonably loud rehearsal, or with recorded music. Maybe that's how they solved it.

Lastly, to correct some previous information, the unit weighs 39 lbs total. The sub is 28 lbs with a decent handle. The tops are 11 lbs and have a nice shoulder/carry bag. So you're not lifting 40 plus lbs from the floor, at once.

Like I said above, the road worthiness of this is suspect. The pots and knobs are kind of cheap and the plastic connectors aren't too impressive. However, for light use, they will work fine.

I suspect the Music Group's largest (60 lb) Turbosound iP2000 product would be more road worthy because the cabinet is made of birch plywood. I didn't need the 1,000 watt (16 x 2.75" and 1 x 12") system, however. The (54 lb) iP1000 (8 x 2.75, 2 x 8") would be comparable in price to the Harbinger, but would presumably hold up better.

Oddly enough, the Turbosound iP500 appears to be a step down from the Harbinger. They share the same number of speakers, but they are smaller: (6 x 2.0" and 1 x 8"), and they share the ABS construction. The IP500 only claims 100 deg horizontal coverage. The MLS800 has about 25% more power (RMS) and bi-amped class D amplifier. The iP500 uses a class D for the sub and class AB amp for the array. The Harbinger also has more direct control. They weight close to the same. The iP500 comes with a cover and costs $200 less retail. It seems like the iP500 would be the lowest cost/value winner. The iP2000 would be one of the most powerful of the compact line arrays. It does appear some sort of mixer, or iPad is needed.

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