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Default Dave's compact PA system adventures...

Originally Posted by earri View Post
Patiently awaiting your review of the Behringer XR12 digital mixer.

Patience is the right word. Even when I get it, I suspect it will take a while to work the DPS effects out. I have to try and deconstruct what the TC Play Acoustic is doing for vocal and guitar processing, and attempt to replicate in the XR12.

The manual gave me a headache just reading the synopsis of the effects. I get the impression it's a full studio quality system that works for live use.

My goal will be to generate some scenes for acoustic solo, duo, and trio acts.

From what I've read, there are two high z inputs for guitars and bass, so no direct boxes are required, and it saves two mic channels. I'll leave the 4 XLRs for vocal and/or instrument mics. Typically, we setup with 2 SM58s and 2 SM57s. That's why I figured I could get away with the 12 channel unit.

The other area that has me intrigued is MIDI control. It should be fun.
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