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Originally Posted by martingitdave View Post
I'm still considering options. I had written a long post about augmenting the Line 6 equipment. But after testing the setup with the mixer last night, I actually prefer the sound quality of the built in Line 6 mixer and speaker. The Yamaha mixer is great, but it needs a different speaker configuration to be most useful.

I'm going to hold off until I find a more compelling solution.
Can you get your hands on a Yorkville NX10 to try? I think you would like it. I have used it to rise above the roar of ice cream and food trucks in big venues, it weighs almost nothing, costs $500 and has 300 watts. Very nice sound. And you can stack and chain them if you want. No need for stereo, the audience will nay notice it....

If you can, try one. Its a Canadian brand.
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