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Default Parlor Headstock

When putting the specs together for this parlor guitar we decided on an open headstock. We went with a new design with several changes from my existing designs. One, was to have the top curve emulate the bottom of the fretboard.
The second was to cut the width of the headstock to go with the smaller body size. To do this I alternated the holes for the tuners allowing me to pull the whole thing together more tightly. With the slots skewed I think it goes quite naturally with the top curve.
Here is the initial drawing I had shown previously:

There are a number of guitars models out with this general type of configuration so to help make it my own I added facets near the nut and on the top similar to what I have done on other headstock designs.

Here is the actual headstock all roughed out:

We went with the black Ebony theme on the top and back

Thanks for viewing!
Mark Hatcher

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