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Default Cedar and Bocote 00

Here is a new start I am doing for a local client. Actually, he is the owner of the landscaping company we have who are redoing our front yard. After he told me he plays guitar it didn't take long for me to lure him into my studio. So with a little bartering everybody wins .

This guitar will be a 00 with a Western Red Cedar top and Bocote.
I have some Western Red Cedar float wood that I have been eager to use. It has some striking color variations and wonderful tap tone.

Here are a couple pictures of the original billet I received. I am squaring it up with a jack plane:

Look at the colors in this wood!:

I was able to re-saw 11 top sets from this one billet because the diameter of the original tree was so large. Here they are from when I stickered them to be sure they were stabilized:

Here is the top we selected out:

And we're off!

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