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Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post
Wish I knew how to post photos...would be easier than trying to explain verbally.
There are instructions on the main forum for posting photos. Basically, use Taptalk or host the photos on a third-party location and link from your post here to the third-party location.

Charles, what you say about seating the ends of the curved fret is perfectly logical to me, so it's a mystery why they don't stay put.
As John indicated, it isn't about brute force: hitting them harder or more times isn't usually the answer. There is a feel to doing it and technique. It took me a long time to figure out how to do it successfully. In those days there was no option of CA glue to keep the ends down.

Now there are a bunch of specialized tools to help with specific aspects/problems in fretting. Some of those are worthwhile if one is going to do enough fret work.

Before I toss the whole thing, I'll try holding the ends down and using CA glue.
Just to be clear, the CA glue can be used in two ways. One way is as a preventative measure for fully seated frets. The other is for slightly lifted ends - rather than grossly mismatched frets to fingerboard - where you apply the glue, hold the fret end so that it is seated until the glue has hardened. (CA glue accelerator speeds the process.) It isn't used to hold the ends down prior to seating the middle.

If course, I don't have enough wire left to finish, so will have to order more. No suppliers in my area.
Unless you've tied the frets in knots - or slugged so heavily with a hammer that they are damaged - you can re-use the frets. (If you are denting the frets with your hammer, you are using way too much force.)

If you are going to order more fret wire, I suggest ordering a soft wire. (Not brass.) It is much, much easier to install. If you are hard on frets while playing, they won't last quite as long, but it is much easier to get a good fret job with them, rather than a bad fret job that lasts much longer. The soft wire that I use on classical guitars I bought in large quantity from Germany a long time ago. I'm not sure what similar hardness wires there are available from North American suppliers.
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