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Originally Posted by invguy921 View Post
Thanks Steve and Ryan for the explanation that I too had thought interesting to see the different approach on this one. Gorgeous work at EVERY level!!

One question, surely this doesn't pose a future risk of some kind of separation of the tiles? It seems that with the bending and variability or wood etc, that it might be more apt to future issues. Again, I very well may be and probably am wrong, and I am certainly not trying to be a critic nor do i want to rain on this gorgeous build, but trying to better understand how you guys get this stuff to stick permanently.

I like the work you've done and you guys clearly have abundant experience in these areas and know what it takes to make something "built to last". But as Tom said "Curious and inquiring minds need to know"
Hey Woody, fair question. Longevity is a concern for every luthier. So we strive for the best joints possible, use the best glues available, follow long established practices, and...offer a warranty! It is amazing that glue, and usually glue alone, holds these things (guitars) together.
Now--there are advantages and disadvantages to either type of bevel cap. But getting to your question, I don't worry about separation of the tiles--with perhaps the exception of serious trauma. Even then, I would anticipate something else would give way first in those unfortunate situations.

And thanks for the kind word!


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