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Originally Posted by tbirdman View Post
Trying to narrow down the preamp field. It needs to be battery powered as I don't want to be looking for power outlets. The short list so far is the Baggs Venue, Red-eye, Sunnaudio Stage DI, Grace Bix, Mesa Rosetta. I could even imagine going with a simple belt clip one like Baggs Gigpro or a cheap Behringer DI ADI21 for the time being.

I may want something today with a little more EQ control/features for possible future guitar acquisitions which I know will happen.

Not sure if there are more preamps than pickups or opinions
I have gigged with the cheapo Behringer ADI21 for years. No bells or whistles like reverb, boost or chorus - but a great, simple to use battery powered option. Sounds very good to me, especially at it's price point.

Get one, you won't be disappointed. When you're ready to get a fancier upgrade, you'll have a cheap and functional backup/loaner for almost no money.

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