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This guitar was in a collection Taylor called the "Acoustic Line". The original idea was to make all their models of guitar, but without the option for electronics, no cutaway and fewer aesthetic appointments (less bling).

The idea was that you get all the value of a Taylor guitar without spending on unnecessary stuff.

After a while, they caved in and started offering cutaway options, then pickup options and the line between offerings blurred. So, they discontinued these.

Now, a very interesting point: I think there is much more profit made in the "bling" - aesthetic things carry a high profit margin. So, these guitars were, quite literally, too good of a deal!

I believe these are the best bang for the buck Taylor guitars ever made.

I have a Grand Concert (like this one but a GC7) and it is my favorite guitar of all time.

I also have a 3-series (like this one but a GA3-12) and the wood combination is fantastic.

For anyone who is considering a small bodied, intimate guitar, this is the best Taylor option.

(I don't even know the seller and have no affiliation - this is my unrelated endorsement for a great guitar)

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