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So, this Small OM #15, Constellation Series, is called "The Libra". It basically is the first minutes of her life, and wow... she litterally growl.

When you build a big guitar, it is more natural for it to have projection & Headroom. It is harder to get, with a small guitar. In terms of sound, I am pretty happy because this guitar is in the lineage of my precedent instruments. It reminds me the OO-12 #6 I have built 3 years ago. I always want to have the perfect balance, in the sound of my guitars, followed by an "expension" of the headroom, when you play the note. This last point, is easilly noticeable on the high frequencies. It is the same thing when you reach the sweet spot, during the height adjustment of pickups, on an electric guitar.

I've put Bronze 12/53 Light Savarez on the instrument. I've always prefered Phosphore bronze on my guitars because Bronze is a little harsh (in terms of sound) on the high strings IMHO...

Thanks so much to François Pelletier / Guitariste-Compositeur, who fought the horrible weather to come at The Red House. On this video, you can hear a sweet improvisation from him... we kept the surprise for the songs you'll hear at the Salon International de Guitare de Québec International Guitar Show, on sunday at 4:50 pm! Be there, you won't regret it!
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