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Default New Build: Brockman Lutherie- 000 Baritone

Because of Covid-19 I retired this fall from a teaching career. With that in mind, I can now get back to recording. To accomplish that I want to have a couple of guitars made to fill a few gaps on my guitar rack. I don’t think I have ever posted a build thread before on the AGF. Which is a bit odd, considering I have had several guitars built for me over the years. I guess I just never took the time. Well, now, as luck would have it, I have the time.

I have had a hankering to have a custom baritone made in a dedicated half-Nashville set-up. I think I have found the right builder to do this – Bruce Brockman in Tucson, Arizona. Bruce has made a variety of instruments over the years, which, to my way of thinking, is perfect to undertake this build. We have decided on a 13 fret to the body design and a 000 size body with cutaway. To accommodate and improve some of the tension issues related to the half-Nashville set-up we have also decided to go with a multi-scale of 25.5”-27.” Bruce has a very artistic approach to his builds as you can see in these initial pics of the back. If there is interest, I will continue to update the thread as the build proceeds.
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