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Default Pisgah 12" Walnut Tubaphone Custom Has Arrived!

A few days ago, after placing my custom order 5-weeks ago, I received my Pisgah 12" Walnut Tubaphone Banjo. I'll post some photos soon but let me say I'm really pleased with Patrick Heavner's craftsmanship and the tone of this banjo! I've loved the Vega Tubaphone tone ever since I was young and listening to The Kingston Trio, Pete Seeger and other artists, and this banjo brings me that old-timey-/folk-music-tone in spades, and with a downhome, simple visual aesthetic. Thanks Patrick and Pisgah for making me smile! Hmm, what's next, a Pisgah 12" Maple Tubaphone Long-Neck Banjo?
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