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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Sure, I had forgotten he does not use molds. I follow all his build threads. I knew about the peone linings as well. I had just not seen a photo of the end blocks glued to the top before. Now as you mentioned no molds, I suppose those end blocks give him an anchor when working with the rims.
At this point the sides are bent, and I have glued in the third block which supports the cutaway join. Although it is called a cutaway, it is actually the first part of the sides I install, and here you can see that happening.

I find this building system so easy to do, and then there's the fact that it gives me more control over the design (one size or shape is as easy as another) and many other aspects of the outcome, it is surprising that more observers have not been inspired to adopt this method. Did i mention that it is also much quicker and requires almost no fixturing?