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Originally Posted by Parlorman View Post
If that isn't the loveliest guitar I've ever seen, I can't think of what was. It's breathtaking
Thank you very much Parlorman!

Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
The top is no slacker either:

That top looks like the surface of a lake with a little wind causing gentle ripples on it...
It does have a ripple look to it, even more so when it moves and the light changes angle.

Originally Posted by swiftz07 View Post
looks absolutely spectacular Mark!
Thanks swiftz07!

Originally Posted by j. Kinnaird View Post
Beautiful guitar Mark. I want to know how you do that lacy inlay. And what is that material anyway?
Thanks John! The whiter inlay is Holly and the golden is curly Maple. The trick is to do the inlay on the overlays before they are glued to the guitar. That way you can get a jewelry saw in there. It is fine work though and took me about 3 weeks. If I were to do it again it would take about 3 weeks .

You asked at a good time, I just took some close ups:

Thanks for all the comments!
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