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Originally Posted by jdinco View Post
Seems you are doing very well for only being 6 weeks in. I'm 4 months in and still having issues with the knee, I'm being told it can take a year, here's hoping for a continued fast recovery. It can't go fast enough, that's for sure.
Sending good vibes your way for the knee issues, John. I had knee surgery when I was a youngster (in my 20s), and I recall getting that leg to go straight again was grueling and took several months.

I appreciate the "not fast enough" feeling. Look back at where you were a couple months ago, and you can appreciate the improvement... even though the day-to-day changes seem to come slow. The thing for me has been having an additional distance with each day's walk, so I can really detail the difference. If the issue is bending and straightening your knee, it can be hard to tell the difference in a couple degrees. The PT guy put what looked like a big protractor along my leg so I could see when I was gaining another degree or two. The work will be worth it - hope the improvement comes faster for you.

Everybody's recovery is different. It takes however long it takes. During my first few weeks, when I was struggling to get from the living room to the bathroom with a walker, it seemed that everyone wanted to tell me how "their friend (uncle, brother, mailman) had exactly the same hip surgery and they were up walking, dancing, and running within a week." I wanted to whack 'em with my cane!

Keep us posted.

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