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Originally Posted by Earl49 View Post
Glad to hear the good news, Jim. I have been following your increasingly positive reports on your blog. We knew you'd get there, but this surgery is an ordeal to be endured for the long term good of better mobility, not something done recreationally. My shoulder is improving too, but nowhere near 100% -- until maybe fall.
Recreationally? As in: for the fun of it?? Hey, do you want to go to a concert this weekend... or would you rather get a hip replacement?

On a fun scale of 1 to 10, this has been a MINUS 20.

I appreciate your private "what to expect" notes, Earl. They were helpful. My PT guy said, "Three months to 'heal,' 6 months to a year before you feel normal again."

I fooled him - I haven't been "normal" in a lot of years.

The mobility is increasing daily. I'm doing all the exercises, but my main plan is to "walk myself back to mobility."

Sending good vibes your way for that shoulder to heal. Probably too far into it for "fast," but hope you see "full." Take care, my friend.
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