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My recuperation is moving along. I credit some of that to the carbon fiber cane Joan bought for me (besides the CF weave, it has flames). Yesterday was my last in-home PT session. I am driving again, and have been cleared to try riding a bicycle, if I can get a leg over it. No boating yet (falling risk), and getting back on the scoots will be a while.

I am walking with a cane, up to about 1/3 of a mile on each of my 3 times daily walks. Doing my exercises 3 times daily, as well. No more pain meds, other than the occasional ibuprofen. Yeah, it still hurts; but that is getting better, too.

My Honey has been a champ through all of this. To make my life easier, she brought one of my guitars into the living room and put it on a stand... "Now you can pick it up and play whenever you want." I am good with getting into my music room, but she said she likes having one guitar in the living room. Who am I to argue with that? Being able to play has also made a difference in heading back towards "normal." (That is a relative term.)

Six weeks today. Seems like it has been a tough haul, but glad to see some significant improvement in the last two weeks. Last update on this... I don't want to be one of those guys who talks about his maladies.

Best wishes,
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