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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
I am, thanks. I just posted something that's a little "off the wall" in Show and Tell,

I'm just entertaining myself and trying to get through a slightly stressful time.
Oh, yea. Read about that. I find the switches in the mind that turn something off and turn something else on rarely operate autonomously. Most times only a PMA is the key to that sequencing. Same age, you already know that.

What I do for an escape can no longer be found in playing published music. It's become so routine that it's starting to augment rather than diminish circumstances. So, I look for it elsewhere and writing gives it a chance if mood cooperates.

I began that back in 76 before I took a hiatus (29 years). At that time I found that my influences were harder to shake than make so it was a frustrating task to re-create myself as a player. I put it all down and went about the work of developing myself as a contributing member of society, and all that entails, without music in any form (losing influences) to effect the purge I felt I needed.

Back again in 05 with new gear, writing was the only thing I had in mind and have since disciplined published music to play 2nd fiddle to that. Writing had finally found me in the form of a unique sound, or at least unique enough for me to find little familiarity in it regarding old influences.

So, I guess what I'm making a point about is published music playing no role in my musical escape from the mundane, and the fielding of the toils, tasks and troubles of a world I partly created, partly stumbled into.
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