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Originally Posted by spottydog10 View Post
It's been regularly set up by the local guitar shop and he cant seem to find the reason why as everything else appears to be in good order.
Each repair person/maker has his or her own take on how to slot and ramp bridge pin holes and shape saddles. However, I'm a little puzzled by a few things shown in the photos.

First, the bridge pin hole ramps seem excessively wide, particularly for the thinner strings. Whether or not the B string is vibrating in that wide, flat-bottomed ramp, I don't know, but the ramping appears rather crude. That could be one area to investigate. You could jam some paper under and around the string to see if that helps with the "ping".

Second, it is difficult to see in the photos, but a sharper, better-defined breaking point on the saddle for the B string might eliminate the "ping". The top of the saddle might be too rounded. (Difficult to tell from the photos, but the breaking points might also not be positioned to give you the best intonation.)

Third, there seem to be "dings" or "dents" at various places in the saddle, particularly near the high E and the D strings. While I don't expect they would cause the "ping" you hear, it is an indicator of less than stellar work on the saddle.

It also looks like the pin holes are slotted sufficiently that you don't need slotted pins. I'd turn the pins around so that the slot faces away from the strings, see if that helps. The pins look the worse for wear: I'd replace them. I don't know if they - or their fit in the pin holes - is causing the "ping", but it is an area that looks like it could use some maintenance. I don't understand the denting on the top of the bridge adjacent to the pins or what looks like tear-out at the rear of the first pin: their presence might suggest less than stelar work or care.
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