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That was interesting.

Assuming I've identified them correctly, I think I hear differences.

The maple guitar is very forceful and loud. It gets a little congested in the low-mid range compared to the others. Probably the most powerful of the three, but not the clearest.

The rosewood had the most "wow" factor on first hearing. It sounds very much like a first-rate Martin. It seemed the most resonant to me.

The mahogany was the standout to me. I thought it was the most musical sounding. Not the loudest, but easily the clearest. If I was forced to choose, it would be my choice, as it would fit best with other instruments, being fundamentals-heavy.

Of course, it could all be confirmation bias. Or Steve could be playing differently knowing which was which. I'd still like to see an attempt at a phase nulling experiment to highlight the differences.

Fun stuff.
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