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I played my X7 today, for the first time in several weeks. Not because I have been ignoring it - my wife suggested we put it in the motorhome, since the guitar room walls at home are full. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I missed it. We made an "emergency" run to our storage unit (40 miles inland) when Joan told me she left a case of bottled water and a few bottles of soda in there... the motorhome has been close enough to the doctor's office that we can catch a break there. Well, until this nasty cold weather made it to the Tropical Tip. I have never seen temperatures this cold and for this long here. I was concerned the soda would bust open due to freezing.

I had emptied the tanks and water lines last week in anticipation of the coming weather. It is very rare it gets below freezing here, and we are usually out and about this time of year, so it hasn't been a concern in the last decade or so.

Since we were there, I grabbed my X7. No, it didn't need to be "rescued" from the cold, but I missed that comfortable little guitar.

I did some couch time with the X7 this morning, while Joan went to the grocery store. Our area has been seriously impacted by this cold weather - power has been out several times over the last few days (our home is all electric) and water has been out for two days now. Joan bought some "comfort food" for us to eat for the next week, I had my "comfort guitar" to enjoy.

Guess I will just find more room. Previous generation X7, still the most comfortable acoustic guitar I have ever played.
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