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As @chipotle noted, iZotope's RX has several noise reduction tools, and the latest version (RX8) does have something for string squeaks, though I think it's not very good - it seems to have a lot of trouble dialing in a subtle repair - tried it manually on some of the ones in your track and it either did close to nothing, or left an audible "footprint" of the removal (moving the "sensitivity" dial from 3.2 to 3.3 - the finest adjustment available). However, I left it at a default setting and ran it over the entire track, so it does work sometimes. I'd personally suggest the player try different strings and some hand lotion, and practice technique while recording. Worst case, have a spray can of Finger Ease ready if you are hearing a lot of squeaks that will really get in the way.

Here's your MP3 with some excitation and that bass shelf I mentioned, a little more compression (while I was at it), and the RX string squeak applied globally:
That isn't very subtle at all - it tames the squeak, but also kills the attack pretty comprehensively (and all the consonants in the vox, but obviously should be applied just to the offending guitar track).

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