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Well, I decided to be fiscally responsible and get what I needed instead of what I wanted. Not really a fair statement as the Keeley Verb o Trem does way more than I needed. It has three modes Spring Reverb and Trem, Spring Reverb and pitch Vibrato, and lastly Plate Reverb and Harmonic Tremolo. I got to demo it before buying and got a killer deal too. It'll do Surf, but it'll also do Fender onboard Reverb amp with tremolo instro stuff like Los Straitjackets, or "other" stuff like Southern Culture on the Skids, which I play the heck out of. C'mon ya'll Firefly! Anybody? Firefly?

So I didn't get the BEST all in one Surf/Spy/Instro pedal. But I did identify it. It's the Flint. But I did get a killer pedal for one third the price that does more than I could have asked for. I'd have been happy with just the Spring Reverb and Trem mode.

Anyway here's a demo

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