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Originally Posted by blue View Post
The "classic" sound we think of today was pretty much trademarked by Dick Dale. He got both prototype Showman amps and reverb tanks from Leo. He originally wanted the tank for vocals, but that changed quickly!

It's interesting on Shake and Stomp (1962) he kind of does the Link Wray thing where much like Link did with tremolo on rumble, Dick uses more and more intense reverb as the song goes on. And from the same album on Surf Beat it's cranked from the start.

Yeah! A few months ago I read the book, 'The Birth of Loud' which was essentially about the creation and rise of the solid body electric guitar. A lot was dedicated to the relationship that Leo Fender had with Dick Dale. Really great read if you are into that stuff. Dale kept pushing Leo for louder and louder amplifiers becasue he was filling huge halls up with people and wanted to reach the back. Man those were the days!
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