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I wrote my first song before I learned to play an instrument by putting words to a tune I knew. When I learned my first few chords I made up songs strumming the chords I could play. Later I could finger pick chords and made up songs that way. Then, as my technique improved, I would start with some clever phrase or combination of notes on the guitar. Writing songs was a way of adding to my performing repertoire. When I stopped performing that need stopped and I stopped writing songs.

Now old age has left me with fingers that can't bend enough to reach the fret board as I used to. Last month it occurred to me that I could still 'think' of tunes. I came up with a small musical phrase and put it into a notation editor. I worked it up into a complete melody and later added lyrics. Between then and now I've come up with nine melodies, two of which have lyrics. For me this is a very easy way of composing. I don't do it every day. Time travels too fast for an old man but this new way of writing is, to me, exciting.

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