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Iíve written and co-written hundreds of songs over about 50 years. Iíve done it all kinds of ways. One way Iíve used lately, and I recommend, is learning to use a DAW (digital audio workstation) and going to it early in the process to help structure and document a song. I use Logic Pro, but GarageBand would be good, too, and several other possibilities. I use a keyboard to input notes, but there are ways to do it with a guitar. My songwriting process almost never involves complicated instrumental parts (if a song of mine has any of that, it comes later, after the writing is finished), so I usually input the equivalent of a lead sheet (vocal line and just chords). Once itís in, Iím forced to decide on structure. There are only a handful of structures. Of course, a person can invent a totally new structure for a song, no rules against that, but itís hard to find a satisfying new structure and so everyone is 99% of the time using a form thatís been used before. So you put your half-formed ideas into the DAW, and then maybe you decide the song will be verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-coda. That goes into the DAW, and then there it is right before your eyes. And you can easily see what you have to do (write more lyrics, create an interesting accompanist, whatever). Anyway, lots of other ways to go, but maybe you should give this one a try!
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