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Default Do you have a method for writing music?

I have been writing fingerstyle guitar instrumentals since I learned how to play at 10 years old. It took several years before I created something that I thought was worthy to play for other people. And those were few and far between.

Since then, I have created a lot of lousy songs that that I just bury under the rug. Stuff I don't even want to play much less listen to.

But over time, I fell into a song writing routine that has produced some pieces I really like. It usually starts with the discovery through noodling of a new lick that can serve as a hook for the piece. From there, I work with that, usually change it (rythm, notes, runs, timing), and start building it into a song. Then I have to fill in the rest - song parts, transitions, variations, resolution/ending, etc. At some point it becomes work, as if I am writing a manuscript - moving ideas around, editing the parts, etc. And then its done and recorded.

What is your process for writing music?
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