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Default Low E String Rattle

Help please......I own a 15 year old Larrivee OM3, fantastic guitar and find it getting more playing time than my other much higher end acoustics but it has developed a Low E string rattle that is somewhat noticeable but when I play in STD tuning but when played in Dropped D tuning, itís very bad.

I have checked the nut and nothings seems amiss there as well as the saddle.

There are zero intonation issues and was just wondering if a truss rod adjustment may be in order?

It came with a truss rod wrench and I am deathly afraid to use it.

Any advice on this issue and if a truss rod adjustment may be the remedy and if so any tips on the adjustment process?

The guitar lives in its humidified case in a constant 40-50% RHI range.

Thanks for any help.....
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