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Originally Posted by M Hayden View Post
Earlier you said youíd used a DR w/JBLs. Thatís been part of my go-to setup for a while, but Iím looking at the CR for a little more versatility. Could you characterize the difference you hear?

I have a DRRI and have tried several speakers in it, including a C-Rex. The sparkly top end that you get from JBLs (and a lot of alnico speakers) is clipped in the C-Rex. It's most notable sound features are a tightened up, but strong bass (that's the hemp) and a taming of the ice pick highs black faced Fenders are known for. The speaker has gotten the most love for tightening up flabby or farty bass and piercing highs. It's also quite loud.

I also own a PRRI 12" special edition which I put a Celestion Cream alnico speaker ($$$) in and, while I don't play jazz through it, it's an incredible sounding amp at 35lbs. For a good jazz tone, a blackface Fender should get your there just by adjusting the tone knobs, perhaps without even needing a speaker change.
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