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I've had the opportunity to look at this one a lot in person, have decided it's one of my favorite bodies aesthetically that i've seen, and i think one of the things I love about it is the monochromatic-esque thing going. I'm a fan of the look and characteristics of a laminated neck and would probably do something gray/black/ivory on this...maybe spalted maple on the sides with a strip of bog oak (or ABW or Ebony) down the center? That would be a heavy neck, but the ebony on the body will help offset it a little. I've also seen some gray pieces of wenge that would look sweet on this. A gray piece of Walnut?

All that said, as others have pointed out, you have some orange/brown in the center of the back that would match the right piece of mahogany very well and would still look stunning.

I can't wait to see this one under finish!
- john

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