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All good ideas, guys. I like that you are thinking about this, which keeps me from doing all the heavy lifting. On a previous B&W ebony guitar we used some Alder, some Wenge, and some Maple, in a multi-lam format which ended up imitating some of the striping in the back. But this particular set is more free form in its appearance. The match if possible will end up being a color match.
The black neck is intriguing. I’ve only done that twice, maybe three times, and I like the look. Also very much like the idea of “bursting” the neck.

The binding will be ebony, which will of course pull out the black lines in the set.
And by the way, those inner and outer bands around the rosette are Zebrano.
We will be using this for top purfling as well for a unified,”woody” aesthetic. So already we have entertained the idea of a Zebrawood neck. Joel Stehr did one once which we liked, but of course the weight issues weighs on me. So to speak.

Thanks again,
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