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Default My backing track process

Playing along with backing tracks is a good way to improve your solo and, for that matter, rhythm chops. There are a ton of backing tracks on Youtube. The problem with many of them, however, is they tend to be several minutes long and Youtube inserts ads into them. So, you're playing along and all of a sudden the music is interrupted by an ad.

Here's my solution - realizing that I really only want the audio of the backing track I do the following:

- Convert Youtube to mp3 at This only converts the original video without the ads.

- Download the mp3 to Google Drive (or other cloud storage depending on what your cloud music player app mentioned next can access).

- Download a cloud music player to your smartphone or pad. I use Cloud Music Player on ios. You can access Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive with this particular app.

- Play your backing track mp3 on your device connected to your amp or external speaker through Bluetooth.

I use this process with my Fender Acoustic Jr w/Bluetooth and it works great.

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