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Originally Posted by eisemann View Post
Sorry I guess I wasn't clear enough. I meant the fretting hand. For example when you have to alternate between bass notes, C and G on C major chord you have to either press down on G with your pinky and play or you can alternate with ring finger between C and G. But some people can play the C and G with the same finger tip which looks impossible. I was asking about that if any of you can do it and is there any tips you can give to do it ?
Ah that, well I used to hold both strings with one finger but that was a long time ago, maybe I had a guitar with a narrower nut but now I play alternating bass by moving 3rd finger back and forth between the C and G and get a cleaner sound . Don't forget that what may be doable on one guitar can seem quite difficult to achieve on a guitar with different dimensions, I once heard a pro guitarist playing a Maton Tommy Emmanuel signature model and he was saying how much easier it was on the fretting hand due to the narrow nut width.
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