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Big update time. This one is done and on the books. Turned out looking a bit more deco looking than I had initially thought it would but I like it.

The single pearl inlay is one I cut from a nuclei. I would've bought inlays but I wanted to learn to cut my own from round stock. I'm really happy with the look and luckily I still have several hundred nuclei left to work with so I'll definitely make more in the future.

The reason for the inlay is that the braz for the fingerboard was extremely old (a little over 100 years) and at some point in it's existence it had had a few holes drilled in it all in that single spot. Rather than waste the whole board I repaired the hole with some braz scraps and then inlaid the pearl dot to make it look nice.

And some more glamour shots. I really loved the grain in this piece of adi, definitely distinct and to me it gives it a nice organic look.

Some lovely grain lines.

The rosette also turned out nice with the contrasting lines and variations.

The saddle is a through saddle like old vintage guitars which I really like. However I wanted to try something a bit different with the lines and the way the saddle sits in the bridge. There's no hard edges and it's easy enough to lower the saddle like a traditional captured one. The bridge I also made from the same board of braz as the fingerboard.

This was a really fun build and I'm really thrilled with the results. I'll post soundclips later as it's still breaking in right now. Plus you can't really get a feel for the sound until at least 5-7 days after being under tension. But so far it's highly responsive and has a wonderfully thick and woody quality to it.
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