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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Looks to be a beautiful guitar, Bill.

I've never played a black walnut guitar--it would be cool to try one out sometime.
Thanks Nemoman, it seems as though the popularity of black walnut guitars is on the upswing, so you should be able to get your hands on one to check out in the future.
Great work!

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
I have a Claro Walnut/Sinker Redwood RT2 and it sounds really REALLY good.

This axe is sure a looker! Whoooeeeee

Nice work!

The guitar I made previous to this was Black walnut and Sinker redwood, it makes a great souding guitar.

Originally Posted by The Bard Rocks View Post
Bill, I really like the colors that the abalone exhibits, more colorful than usual, and really complements the rest of the instrument. (Which is also pretty nice, too.)
Thanks Bard, I hope you are doing well!

Originally Posted by Steve Kinnaird View Post
Bill, that is a lovely guitar. And I'm with you on Black Walnut, it is a wonderful timber on all counts.

Thanks Mr. Steve.
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