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Default Thoughts on getting the same guitar, but with different tonewoods

Originally Posted by try2makeit View Post
Something that is kind of funny is I won a Breedlove guitar about two years ago. It was pursuit series and had solid hog over lam hog. I was so excited to get it because I'd never won anything and was excited about trying an all hog guitar. It was a nice guitar, but didn't sound very different than my MJ. A lady at church is a music teach in the local county schools and I ended up giving it to this kid that she had that couldn't afford one. He loved it and has it to this day. Plays it almost every day. This kid has zero interest in acquiring more guitars and just wants to get better and it seems to have really changed his life. It just makes me think that's what it's all about, you know?

I like your story of giving your guitar to this kid in need!

In the end, itís your call. Are you using the guitars to play at home? Play in church or gigs? You enjoy having many guitars? You find taking care of many guitars a hassle? Rhetorical questions only.

For myself right now, I like to have a variety of tonewoods. Just to play and hear different tones for different moods.

Just my 2 cents.
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