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Originally Posted by try2makeit View Post
I think that's really how I feel here. My S&P covers just about everything I can think of doing right now. The Yamaha is essentially the fun little couch guitar that I've really enjoyed playing. I thought about getting more of a dreadnaught shape like the bass response so much, but they are so uncomfortable to me I think it would just end up most of the time in the case or on a stand.
In spite of me encouraging the cedar guitar, and I really intend to get one at some point, I like a lot of diversity in my guitars. My Martin strums and plays the bluegrass stuff, my Collings is more modern finger style oriented, my Gibson roots blues. I like guitars that take me down different roads. I'd like a cedar, a resonator(love Mike Dowlings jazzy sounds), if I found a guitar that I preferred to one of my core group Id probably sell one. Too many styles to pursue, an archtop, nylon string, a uke...
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