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I wonder how much of this may be due to age.

I have a couple of specific things about my life that made extreme downsizing a good idea.

One was having lost everything. The other is the fact that until last year I moved very 50 years, never in one home more than 3 years and a huge number of moves that were interstate or cross country.

Plus, my wife of 21 years left me for another sap a couple years back and my kids grew up and flew the coop.

But when I was younger--even with all that moving--I had vast amounts of belongings and collections of books, music (including lots of vinyl and cassettes), tons of movies, art, weird knickknacks and a collection of vintage sci-fi and monster toys, Halloween memorabilia and more instruments and music gear than I can even recall.

I feel happier being able to travel light and have no clutter, but I plan to buy my first home this year or may be that I acquire more stuff, but I'm also 50...not "old" maybe, but perhaps old enough to not care to accumulate a bunch of things aside from bathroom and kitchen necessities, new decor, wall art, new furniture...but keep all else to a minimum.

My mother used to say "You spend your first 50-60 years accumulating things, and the rest of your years divesting yourself of it."

Obviously that isn't an objective truism, but I wonder for other people if just the process of getting older plays a role in this.
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