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About 11-12 years ago, we downsized from the house where we raised our kids to a condo and we got rid of the VAST majority of books. And then about 4-5 years ago we did a major remodel in our condo and basically eliminated a LOT of walls and hence, wall space for bookshelves and that type of furniture. At that point we got rid of almost all of the rest of our books, minus a handful of coffee table books that we really like (and don't work very well digitally), and CDs, and videos and DVDs, etc.

At this point almost all of the media that comes into our place comes and goes electronically. We own some music that's digitized on a computer but the vast majority of our listening now is through a streaming service. All of our video comes in via streaming. And all of our books come in via Kindle. My wife is a prodigious reader, going through several books a week most weeks. She borrows most of her Kindle books from the library. I'm always working on a book or two, but I read very sporadically, for shortish periods, and not fast, so I'd almost never finish a book during the borrowing period. So I buy them, but just not that many of 'em. So we have a decent sized library of stuff we own in Amazon's cloud (I've had a Kindle since the first generation in 2007 or 2008, which is also when we downsized, so it was nice of Amazon to launch the Kindle when I really needed that kind of technology).

But we have almost no music, videos, or books physically in our home and we "own" precious little. I guess we own our Kindle books, and could probably just pass our account over to one of our kids and they could change the name and credit card numbers on it, so I guess we can pass that stuff on. But just like we got rid of a lot of physical books, I expect we could also get rid of a lot of virtual books with them being missed...

So yeah, way less than 30 books and records and videos and anything else of the type.

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