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Default A Sudden Abundance of Glamorous Guitars in the Classifieds!

Man, I've noticed that the AGF Classifieds are flush with some amazing guitars lately. Unfortunately, they're all well out of my tax bracket, but I don't recall ever seeing so many boutique instruments all at once, several of which I've never even heard of. There's Straham, Huss & Dalton, Baranik, Kronbauer, Joshua House, Flammang, Applegate, William Kelday, Blazer & Henkes, David LaPlante, Sexauer, Kinnaird, and Greenfield represented -- and that's just on the first two pages!

Is this a post-holiday thing? Is the economy tanking? Is everyone upgrading to a Zager? It's like a museum in there --- get behind me, Satan!
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