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Originally Posted by joemcg View Post
I wonder just how much difference this makes to a beginner? Yes there are definitely some measurements which will frustrate them (string height unplayable, small nut for big, beefy fingers) but in general I wonder if small differences like a 1 11/16 vs 1 3/4 nut makes a difference?

I’m thinking that these things will just lead to confusion for someone starting out.
Hi there,

I started out 2years ago and my tutor lent me a 1 3/4” Martin in class while my yamaha at home was 1 11/16”. It did annoy me everytime I go home and practice with my Yamaha as it felt different!

And of course, there’s a big sonic difference between the Martin and Yamaha as well.

I ended up getting a Taylor which is 1 3/4” and I felt much better.
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