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Originally Posted by Dino Silone View Post
Me too, though I played much more violin. It gets an undeserved bad rap, maybe because its cousins are flashier. But there’s nothing else like that sound.

I only got to play the viola for a short time, and only played one real concert when orthopedic issues (cervical stenosis and arthritis) made it pretty much impossible to even hold a viola or violin. Physical therapy helped a lot, but I’ve lost so much ground on both violin and viola that it’s just frustrating to pick it up nowadays. Thankfully, I can still play guitar and am learning banjo.

You’re almost making me want to keep it... But... there’s that guitar waiting for me to buy it. (Little voice in my head saying, “Would it really be so bad to have both?” Bad voice! Bad, bad voice!!!
I played viola for 8 years, I was drawn to its sound in elementary school.

I'm sticking with guitar, even when the little voice tries to convince me to take up viola again.

Frankly, six strings and being able to play a song without accompaniment is so nice.
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