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Default First Post......Harptone E6NC

Hello all, this is my first post on the forum. I've been lurking and learning for awhile. Thanks to everyone for all the great info. I am not a guitar player myself but my now 13 year old son absolutely fell in love with all things music and especially the guitar about a year ago. He has been playing non-stop for about 8 months, practicing 2-4 hours a day and taking lessons on the weekends. He also plays Oboe in the school band and loves that as well. As a proud papa and somebody who appreciates quality craftmanship, as well as an avid listener to many kinds of music, I have also takin an interest in guitars. Especially handmade and/or older ones. Enough about me...

Anyhow, while at a local pawn shop today, we found a Harptone E6NC, serial number 2108-7 in seemingly very good condition. The only noticeable flaws are a tiny crack on the edge of the soundhole and the pick guard is starting to pull off. Very, very minimal surface scratching. To my novice eyes, there are no signs of any other damage or any previous repairs. The strings are old and in poor condition, so it was hard to judge the sound.

I honestly never heard of them before today. I did minimal google research while in the shop and seeing it was handcrafted in the usa, around 50 years old, in very good condition for its age, produced in limited quantity, had a unique headstock and was seemingly reasonably priced, we bought it.

It has the curved back. It also has what seems to be the earlier style bridge/saddle. I read it has laminate maple b/s with no bracing and a solid sitka top. Does anybody know if this info is correct? Or have any other knowledge about these guitars?

I've read the minimal amount of posts on this forum and looked at the facebook forum but there hasn't been a post on there in awhile. All the listings I've seen on reverb, ebay, etc all are old and the guitars are in fairly poor condition. I'm going to take it this week to our local luthier for a general inspection, setup, etc.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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