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Originally Posted by smwink View Post
It seems that at least three different things are getting confounded here:
1. Multi-hole "bridge beads" or string ties as linked in the original post,
2. Ball ends,
3. LaBella blocks (labeled cubes with one hole).

Yes, all LaBella classical guitar strings in recent years seem to come with 3, and it sounds like you have had success using those to secure strings at the bridge. I'm assuming you tie knots in the string ends, or do you tie a knot around each of the blocks?
i knot the strings around the blocks--once thru for the basses, twice for the trebles....

when i first heard about bridge beads someone said "just use craft beads" (since the topic came up relevant to pricey 'boutique' bridge beads, probably on the Delcamp Classical Guitar forum) i bought a bag of craft beads...they worked fine....then someone else mentioned that LaBella was including the little blocks, intended for the same purpose...they work the same as beads, but i prefer them just because i prefer their look!

I prefer beads/labella blocks etc to the traditional method of stringing because the strings seem to settle into pitch noticeably faster.
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