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Originally Posted by janepaints View Post
For about 1.5 years now ALL LaBella classical strings come with the blocks...

I was NOT referring to LaBella's 'Folk Singer' strings with the ball ends.
It seems that at least three different things are getting confounded here:
1. Multi-hole "bridge beads" or string ties as linked in the original post,
2. Ball ends,
3. LaBella blocks (labeled cubes with one hole).

Yes, all LaBella classical guitar strings in recent years seem to come with 3, and it sounds like you have had success using those to secure strings at the bridge. I'm assuming you tie knots in the string ends, or do you tie a knot around each of the blocks?

Quickstep192 included a photo with both the blocks (3) and ball ends (2). All I'm saying is that ball end nylon strings are less common, and the packaging will generally indicate "ball end" (regardless of manufacturer).

Going all the way back to the original post, I've used the Rosette string ties but I tend to prefer the usual bridge tying method.
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