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Default Classical Guitar - Buzzing at Bridge

I bought a Cordoba C5 Cadete (floor model) classical guitar for my 9 yr old son a month ago. Amazing guitar, nice finish, sounds like a cathedral despite the 3/4 size. Just recently I noticed a buzz coming from the bridge (wasnt there before). Iím usually handy with guitar setup, but a bit lost on this one. Here are the symptoms:
- Buzzing coming from bridge. Not the neck or the fretboard or the nut.
- All strings are buzzing, open or fretted, across the whole neck.
- Each string buzzes individually even the rest are muted.
- Action is normal, even on the high side.
- String ends are not touching the soundboard. They are overlapping each other tight to the bridge.
- Canít quite slide a paper btw the bridge and soundboard. There is a vry sbtle crack on one side of bridge, almost looks like a finish crack.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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