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Nobody suggested the Dazzo so far ? Installed properly it gives a much more accurate reproduction of the guitar's acoustic sound and is much less prone to feedback compared to a K&K. I used the K&K for 10 years, before that I used the rare earth blend for about ten years. IMO the Dazzo is an upgrade to them all.
The RedEye is a great tool to run with the Dazzo.
I never really liked the internal mic on the rare earth blend because it is to close to feedback (I love to use 50/50 pickup/mic). The K&K trinity mic is the best considering the price. The best sounding internal mic I used is a DPA 4061 (omni), but it is quite pricey.
I use DAZZO/DPA in several instruments (guitar, bouzouki, Weissenborn) and blend it with a Grace Felix preamp. I only need some HPF on both channels and use a QSC K8 as a personal monitor ( I like it better than the AER amps which I used before - more accurate, less feedback) - best setup I had in thirty years.

I listened to the Tonedexter clips I could find and never really liked them. A true mic is superior.
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